The ultimate CRO project management platform.

Liftmap makes it easy to manage your conversion rate optimization projects,
collaborate with your team, and showcase your ideas to stakeholders.

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Easily give conversion
feedback with Analyses

Liftmap creates a full-page screenshot of your web experience, making it easy to communicate ideas. Identify problem areas and present them to stakeholders.


«I was using spreadsheets, slideshows, project management tools, etc. Today, Liftmap replaced all of that.» Ervin Cho, Optimization Coordinator, WiderFunnel

Capture and measure
testing ideas

Great ideas can come at any time. Liftmap makes it easy to capture and track their performance over time.


«What to test next? Tough question. But now, Liftmap helps us organize and prioritize ideas and insights efficiently.» Mike St Laurent, Optimization Strategist, WiderFunnel

Get it all done in one place

Keep everything in sync without the many inadequate tools to manage conversion optimization projects.


«It's made for conversion optimizers. And my clients love it. Finally, one tool to rule them all.» Nick So, Director of Optimization Strategy, WiderFunnel